From the founders of Grand Foundry Ltd., Dhiraj Alloy & Stainless Steel was formed in 2001 and has now grown into India’s premier Bright Steel Bar producer well-found with a modern plant, producing material to the most exacting technical standards.

ISO 9001:2008 certified, Dhiraj Alloy & Stainless Steel supplies practically every grade of steel required in the engineering industry.
Our customers are spread out throughout India and we are now poised for capturing new frontiers abroad as well.

The well-equipped modern plants conveniently located for export and domestic supply, in Mumbai and Nagpur, are geared to produce large quantities of steel bars. Being associated with this industry over the last 4 decades has enabled our company to acquire the appropriate technology and machinery, thus making our plant one of the best equipped in the country.

A Bright Steel Bar is cold processed steel manufactured from an aptly tested and designated raw material. The Bright Steel Bar is generally considered a raw material for the entire scale of the engineering industry covering automobiles, railways, textiles and others which require stringent control at every step during the manufacturing stage.

Today, with the increasing consumer demands for quality we have kept pace with this trend of rising quality standards and can meet the most acute ones at all times.