Each Supply of our Bright Steel Bars is guaranteed by Test Certificates to ensure the best quality.

  • Our Bright Steel Bars are made from Pretested Steel.
  • Our Bright Steel Bars have guaranteed mechanical properties, machinability, and better yield strength.
  • Our Bright Steel Bars have assured defect-free surface as well as internal soundness and quality.
  • Our Bright Steel Bars have close dimensional accuracy and can be available in required length with close tolerance on length also obtainable.
  • Our Bright Steel Bars (Ground Bars) are completely free from lobing and out of roundness which ensures no finishing for parts made from such bars for tight fits like Piston Pins, etc.
  • Our Bright Steel Bars have assured chemical composition and all metallurgical properties required for making any original equipment
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We keep a large inventory of finished products as well as raw materials so that most of the orders we receive can be executed swiftly. We are large importers of special grades of steel (tool steel, die steel, etc.) of large cross-section/size for special applications. We offer close customer service through the network of sales representatives backed by metallurgical/technical advice on the problems related to the selection of steel, machinability, heat-treatment and other processes. Every precaution is taken for timely delivery of any quantity. Special sections and profiles can be supplied subject to economical quantities.