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Since Bright Steel Bars are a product of the cold finishing operation, it does not radically alter the inherent chemical and physical properties of the parent material, the black bar.
The need therefore to closely inspect and check the properties of the parent material cannot be more emphasized.

At Dhiraj Alloy & Stainless Steel, primary importance is given to the above factor and hence the Q.A. cell is an integral part of the manufacturing process. The Q.A. process starts with the receipt of order when all customer specifications and requirements are carefully studied and a process chart is duly developed along with deviation and other quality requirements discussed with the customer and only after all this is done does the choice for raw material get finalized both in terms of source and quality requirements.

On the delivery of the incoming raw materials, they are thoroughly checked for the following:

  • Surface defects
  • Internal soundness
  • Mechanical properties
  • Micro structure
  • Chemical composition
  • Grain size
  • Inclusion rating
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The process control chart developed for the customer is used to the production and strictly audited by the Q.A at each manufacturing stage.

The finished material is checked against customer requirement and principally in respect to:

  • Size tolerance
  • Straightness
  • Length of Bars
  • Hardness & Surface defects
  • Lobing & out of roundness
  • Decarb on surface
  • NDT for surface cracks
  • Spark testing